US Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

You are the proud owner of a US company or founder of a US nonprofit.  Congrats! Give it some financial management love!

Timely and accurate bookkeeping means that when you need financial information for reporting or management purposes, it’s there.  Coordination with relevant US and Israeli service providers means that the books are kept in such a way that the right information can be provided in the right format to each party, whether that be for consolidated financial statement preparation or a transfer pricing review.  Effective training  and oversight of local team members allows for critical processes such as invoicing and collections to be managed by folks on the ground.  (It also saves you money as it means you can keep a portion of the bookkeeping work in-house).  

Without solid books and processes, you’re likely to find it very difficult to keep tabs on what’s going on in your US venture, and you’re equally likely to discover that things are a mess just when you have to send reports over to your US tax preparer.

The solution:  work clean, stay clean  I’ll get your US systems set up and will keep them humming along.

My range of services includes:

  • Setting up your US bookkeeping records, including entering historical data and maintaining them on an ongoing basis, including full coordination with your: auditors, legal counsel, US tax preparer and Israeli accountant and bookkeeper. 
  • Do you already have a set of US books but they’re a train wreck?  Never fear, I specialize in clean-up work. 🙂
  • Creation of periodic and annual management and financial reports for the US entity.  
  • Training US team members in basic bookkeeping skills using Quickbooks or similar “user-friendly” programs, including creation of illustrated “cheat-sheets” and provision of ongoing support and review services. 
  • Work with your US team members to design and put into place agreed-upon processes, formats and timelines for performance of tasks and submission of bookkeeping and accounting materials.
  • Oversight of US payroll processes.  
  • 401K plan setup and maintenance.