The Ultimate Option Rollforward Template! With A Cheat Sheet!

So, there you are, going about your day, minding your own business. And then your auditors call you and ask you for a rollforward of option activity for 2017.  And then your trustee calls you and asks for a schedule of your option grants so that they can reconcile them to their records. And then this potential investor who is doing a due-diligence on your company calls you and asks for a summaries of outstanding options by employee, by department and employee class.  And THEN one of your co-workers calls you because they are leaving the company next week and need information on their option grants because they may want to exercise.

And then you take your damn phone and put it on silent because, really, there’s a limit and you have reached yours.

As for fulfilling the actual requests?  Easy-peasy!  Because you are so clever, you have all the information right at hand in your fabulous option rollforward schedule.  You zip it off as is to the auditors and the trustee. You use the Lifetime Summary section to build a few pivot tables for the investor and send those.  And then you use the filter function under the “Name” column to find your co-worker’s options.  A quick cut and paste into an email and he is happy as well.

What? You do not have this rollforward schedule? That will not do at all!  Click below, and now you will. First tab is the schedule and second tab is a cheat sheet, explaining what the various columns are good for.

Ultimate Option Rollforward & Cheatsheet