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Outsource CFO Services

I realize I’m biased, but CFO’s are useful. Consider the following scenarios. 

You have to set up a transfer-pricing arrangement but you don’t know where to start.  Your payroll has mistakes every month and your employees are furious.  The bookkeeping materials you bring to your accountant are regularly missing 50% of your receipts.  As a result your accountant increased their monthly rates.  You have to implement GDPR and it’s huge and intimidating.  You have to set up an ESOP but haven’t gotten to it.  A hot prospective investor is hounding you for a cap table.  No one has time to issue customer invoices so you’ve $50,000 you haven’t even billed.  The accounting records for your US subsidiary consists of a pile of invoices and bank statements, plus one half-baked excel.  And on and on…

In all of these instances, a CFO would be a really great thing to have handy.  The problem is that, as a small startup, you don’t need one there all the time. Nor can you afford one. 

The solution: an as-needed CFO!  I’m available as much or as little as you need and on an hourly, hours-bank or a retainer basis.

My range of services includes:

  • Serving as the interface between you/your company and your external financial services providers 
  • Provide management with consulting and advisory services in respect of financial, taxation, compliance, administrative and HR/labor matters
  • Setting up your US bookkeeping records, including entering historical data, and maintaining them on an ongoing basis, including full coordination with your auditors, your US tax advisors and your Israeli accountant and bookkeeper.  
  • Development and implementation of internal financial, administrative, HR and compliance processes and internal controls
  • Ongoing budget and cash-flow management
  • Performance of ongoing finance tasks (e.g. invoicing and collections, supplier payment management, document collection and retention, payroll process management)
  • Contract negotiation and review (in coordination with legal counsel, as needed)
  • Preparation of shareholder, Board of Director and investor materials and decks
  • Cap table creation and management
  • Establishment of international subsidiaries and coordination of transfer-pricing work
  • ESOP plan setup and ongoing plan management (in coordination with counsel and the trustee)
  • GDPR implementation processr