Gila Halleli Weiss,

First, about the goofy pictures....

Before we get down to business, I should probably explain about the pictures.  I create them myself, in excel. Yes they are goofy and possibly not the best fit for a professional website. But it was that or reams of standard stock photos of people working on a computer, people smiling while in a meeting (seriously?!), people engaging in extreme sports, piles of gold coins, “inspirational” photos or something else equally boring. I decided that fun excel pictures would be a much better fit.

And now about me...

I’m Gila Halleli Weiss, CPA (US)(ISR) your startup financial matters expert.  I have a degree in accounting from the University of Delaware. I’m bi-lingual, have experience in the US and Israel and have been working in different accounting roles since 1998. I’m an alum of the Big4 (KPMG) where I specialized in startups.  Eventually I made the jump to corporate accounting.  In 2017 I established the CFO Secrets website and started to work with early-stage startups as an consultant and mentor.  I established CFO Secrets Ltd. in 2019.

Over the course of my career I’ve gained experience in:

  • budgeting and business plan development for companies, cost-centers, projects and JV’s
  • cash forecasting and cash management;
  • due diligence processes;
  • debt and equity financing transactions;
  • accounting, auditing and financial reporting in accordance with US GAAP, UK GAAP and IFRS;
  • management reporting, including sales, operation and SaaS metrics reporting and management and Board dashboards
  • GDPR data audits, legitimate interest assessments,implementation and ongoing compliance management;
  • contract negotiation, review, drafting and management
  • other legal and compliance matters;
  • equity-based compensation matters (Israel, US & UK);
  • international subsidiaries creation and management;
  •  SaaS and online marketplaces;
  • international and local taxation and transfer pricing;
  • day-to-day financial and operations management;
  • HR and labor law matters (Israel, US & UK);
  • bookkeeping and payroll matters (Israel, US & UK); and
  • much, much more…..