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Due Diligence and Audit Preparation

There’s no question that due diligence reviews and audits are critical processes.  They are also intimidating.  So much is riding on them!

If the information you provide isn’t correct or complete you might lose a potential investor. You might be slapped with a negative audit opinion. That’s not good for fundraising.   

At the same time, due diligence processes are the worst, and audits are a close second.  They’re stressful, time consuming and involve endless lists of questions and demands.  It isn’t unusual to not even understand what you’re being asked for.  You might discover that documents and schedules are missing.  Replacing or creating them can take hours, days or weeks. 

Naturally, you’re doing all this while also trying to run your actual business.

The solution: bring in a pair of experienced hands!  I’ll work with your team and your legal counsel, auditors and other advisors to get you through the due diligence review or audit process.  In one piece.  🙂

My range of services includes:

  • Data room establishment and maintenance
  • Schedule and documentation creation
  • Financial and operations records review, corrections and completion
  • Supporting document search and completion
  • Contract and legal document review
  • Coordination of responses to follow-up questions

Want to learn more about what’s involved in a due-diligence process?  See here.