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Budget and Business Plan Development

Budgets aren’t just investor deck fodder or the reserve of us finance types. You need a budget!  

Created properly, your business budget is a storyboard for your business.   It provides visual outline of your business vision and serves as the nuts-and-bolts framework of your business plan.  It shows you where you are, where you’re going, and how you plan to get from A to B.

If you have either no budget or one that’s poorly thought-out? You’re a woman or a man without a plan.  You’re liable to become one of the the 70% of startups that fail.  

The solution: get professional help! From teaching you to build a budget up through taking the job completely off your hands, I have you covered. 

My range of services includes:

  • Budget and business plan review and consulting
  • Bespoke budget template design
  • Guided budget development services (in which I coach you through building your own budget—recommended for more cost-sensitive types)
  • Budget creation (in which I ask lots of questions, take your answers and transform them into a budget)

Working on your budget now?  Find my budgeting guides here.