Board of Directors: The Epic Saga

“Do you think about the things you do think about?” ~Clarence Darrow (during the Scopes Monkey Trial)

I’m an accountant, not a content writer. To a large extent, my posts are written based on my knowledge and experience, and not on research. At the same time, even after 20 years in the field, I know I don’t know everything. Not by a long shot! That’s why, whenever I write a post, even when it’s on a topic that I think I know backwards and forwards and in Chinese (as we would say back when I was in elementary school), in addition to asking experts to do fact checking as needed, I go onto Google and search for “what is X”, with X being whatever it is I’m writing about.  Sometimes it turns out that I do, indeed, know what I’m talking about (which is always nice).  Sometimes it turns out that I know what I’m talking about but there are additional details that I didn’t know or I knew but didn’t consider and these would be useful for my readers. And sometimes I discover a whole new world of knowledge.

(It’s really been quite educational, this blogging thing!)

Such is the case with Board of Directors.  I know what a Board of Directors is, why one needs it and what they do.  I know the breakout of tasks between the Board and management, both at my company and what one sees in general. I’ve worked with the Board at my company.  But do I have the in-depth knowledge of someone who has been serving on boards for decades?  Well, no.

That’s where Fred Wilson and his blog, AVC, come in.  Fred has been a venture capitalist since 1986 and he has been blogging since 2003. Among other things, he writes about matters of interest to companies in general and startups in particular. Such as his full-blown, nine-part series on Boards of Directors which I stumbled upon when I was doing my Google sanity check in preparation for my post.   It’s fascinating and super helpful.  If you are trying to learn how to develop and manage an effective Board of Directors, and really get the most out of this resource, I warmly suggest this series as required reading.  It is long, but it’s light on the jargon and well written, so not a taxing read.

Finding the actual posts took a bit of work and searching in the archives as the series was written a number of years ago. To make your lives easier, I’ve compiled a list of links to each of the articles below. Happy reading!

  1. MBA Mondays Series: The Board Of Directors
  2. The Board of Directors – Role and Responsibilities
  3. The Board Of Directors – Selecting, Electing & Evolving
  4. The Board Of Directors – The Board Chair
  5. The Board Of Directors – Board Chemistry
  6. The Board Of Directors – Board Meetings
  7. The Board Of Directors – Board Committees
  8. The Board of Directors: Guest Post From Scott Kurnit
  9. The Board Of Directors: Guest Post From Matt Blumberg




3 thoughts on “Board of Directors: The Epic Saga”

  1. Hey, Gila. You’re a godsend. I’m working on a future post about inequality and CEO pay and I only have a vague notion of what a Board does. I’m sure this series will make me a lot less ignorant. Thank you.

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