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Are you having a finance emergency?

  • Do you desperately need a budget but don’t know how to build one?
  • Does your bookkeeper wince when you drop off your materials each month?
  • Did you open up a US subsidiary and have no clue how they’re doing?
  • Do you know where (or what) your cap table is?
  • Is your lawyer (or worse, a regulatory authority) hounding you about implementing GDPR?
  • Are you planning an investment round, but dreading the due diligence process you’ll have to go through first? 
  • Perhaps you closed an investment, are growing at warp speed but your finance function isn’t keeping up?

You've come to the right place!

I specialize in practical finance for startups.  I can:
  • work with you to create your new budget;
  • teach you how to work with your bookkeeper so she’ll love you;
  • put together your cap table and show you how to maintain it;
  • manage your GDPR implementation from self-assessments and up through providing team training;
  • provide a pair of experienced hands to get you through that due diligence; 
  • provide ongoing CFO services;
  • put together your US books and provide ongoing US bookkeeping services;
And more!

Gila worked as our outsource CFO for my small startup. We weren’t big enough to have a full time CFO, but we needed someone with expertise in building budgets, figuring out cash flow, etc. Gila’s amazing at implementing good working procedures to streamline accounting procedures and save time, to organize your ideas into spreadsheets, and to project calm and capability to all those around her.  Yael