ESOP & Options

Your Friendly Neighborhood Option & ESOP Cheatsheet Collection

Written by gilahalleli

First, a bit of vocabulary….

  1. The Cupcakes of the Equity World: An Introduction to Options Terminology (article format)
  2. My First Infographic: An Introduction to Option Terminology (Infographic format)
  3. What is Vesting?
  4. Proxy Moxie! 
  5. What is an Option Pool?
  6. What is Reverse Vesting 
  7. What are Repurchase Agreements? (in the pipeline)

And a few words of explanation….

  1. Are These Valuable or What? How Options Work

Making order out of chaos (or just full-out preventing chaos): Option Plans

  1. ESOP! Employee Stock Option Plans
  2. The Ultimate Option  Rollforward Template! And Cheat Sheet!
  3. Trustees
  4. Tax-advantaged plans
  5. No Soup Tax Benefits for You!—Israeli Tax Advantaged ESOP Program Requirements


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